Maic & Renee Friedrich

There was nobody else I'd call. We used the Friedrich's expertise to sell a home in Fair Oaks in 2013. We worked primarily with Renee to sell a rental property we owned, and she was able to access a network of investor buyers that she and her husband Maic have cultivated as well as provide contacts for and handle the details with reasonably priced cleaning and contracting services for folks who, like us, were on the other side of the country during the sale. There simply were no problems, even when a problem seemed to come up. When it came time to list our other home in North Highlands (Just listed today!) there was nobody else I'd call.

by Will C.

We needed a superstar agent and that's exactly what we got! A few months back we found ourselves in a position of having to move from Colorado to California. To make this happen we had to sell our house in Colorado and purchase a house in California; all within a matter of months. We knew the hardest part was going to be finding a house in California. We wouldn't have the money to put down until we sold our house in Colorado and we wouldn't have time to travel to California to look at houses. We needed a superstar agent and that's exactly what we got! We were able to find Maic from the Dave Ramsey website. He is a recommended local provider and my wife and I hit it off with him instantly. After a few weeks of not finding anything Maic offered to take Kaeti's parents, who lived in the area, to look at more houses. He also recommended going a little outside of the area, we were originally looking in, which we were okay with. After a long day of looking at houses, with Kaeti's parents, Maic was able to find us the perfect house. Now the fun part of selling our house in Colorado, purchasing our new house in California, and having all the logistics and timing work out. Thank God we had Maic! He was able to negotiate a fair price and get the offer submitted long-distance all while we were still in Colorado. Throughout the process, Maic was a joy to work with. He was always on top of everything. He kept in contact with our lender, our selling agent in Colorado, and most importantly us! We always felt like we were in the loop and knew exactly what was going on. We are moved in and settled now and owe a huge thanks to Maic and his team.

by Jonathan and Katie R.

You are in good hands with the Friedrich team! We cannot praise the Friedrich team of Maic and Renee Friedrich enough! Even under the unusual circumstance of having clients such as ourselves, who needed someone who we could trust and feel confident with, to list our house with only a few days notice and then be assured that they would take care of everything, including the house, as we moved across the country prior to selling our home, was no small undertaking. They were able to sell our house with multiple offers within 10 days when most homes in Blackstone sell in 54 days! The house sold for 101.3% over asking price when most homes in Blackstone sell for 99.1% of the asking price. Maic and Renee helped us feel comfortable and confident during a stressful time with our quick timeline for a big move out of state. Whether you move locally or great distances, you are in good hands with the Friedrich team!

by Mark & Nancy K.
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